Should cricket be made the national sport of India?

At present, India has been performing well in cricket and it is considered as a most famous sport in India. People have changed their routines and schedules to watch the cricket matches. Now a day, cricket has emotionally connected to people.

According to the studies says that big amount of the tax comes to government from the crickets because of this sport.

There are tons of reasons are there like cricket be made the national sport of India. Majority of the population in India are willing to watch cricket more than other sports.


Why cricket might be national game of India?

There are tons of reasons there like cricket should be national game of India which includes

  • Kids love it
  • Organized as hell
  • Career prospects galore
  • The country follows it

Above are the reasons why cricket should be the national game of India. As we know, cricket was originated in England it is gaining huge popularity in Colonial countries. It is the presence of colonialism and kids are willing to play cricket games because it provides fun and joy.


It is not only fun but also it has different formats which makes it enticing prospect. It has been managed beautifully right from school cricket to big league. Parent body of BCCI has set the best example of managerial excellence.

As a result, cricket has turned into the money spinning machine. With many state, national and local tournaments, it provides plenty of opportunities to shine.

The advent of IPL, people can get the excellent change to go toe-to-toe along with legends of game. In a technology world, everyone is willing to watch cricket because it has excellent gameplay.

The game of cricket is also known as good specimen of work. It involves physical activities for specific period of time.