What is the punishment for playing cards in India?

There are different forms of gambling games available in online which includes famous card games like rami, poker and teen party.

If you are a beginner to play casino games, then you must understand the laws regarding gambling in India.

The public gambling act of 1867 could be passed by British which are prohibiting gambling. But, this act is common in India. Remember one thing; this act might not apply the specific games.

Before you plan to play poker games in online, you must understand punishment for playing cards in India.


Is playing cards crime in India?

Actually, poker is the game which might lie in grey area. Actually, Indian government has banned game like teen patti but you can play rummy in India which is not punishable.

Indian government has declared the rummy to be skilled game in the year of 1968. In this game, rummy player must too memorize fall of card so it is not being said that rummy is based on chance or luck.


You must understand criminal punishment for playing cards in public places that is really helpful to you. But the acts itself is not clear because scope of Act might depend upon judiciary interpretation. If you wish to play gambling game in online, then you must understand legality of game.

The act might allow gambling by sanctions and majority of the lotteries could be legalized via these sanctions. Indian Constitution might offer the power to State government for deciding laws regarding gambling.

Actually, playing cards is a crime in India so if you are in India then you must read rules and regulations of your State. State government might permit or prohibit gambling at their state.

Due to the liberal law, different states are having unique policy for gambling games. On the other hand, different approaches for different gambling games.